Choosing the Most Suitable Design for Iron On Patches

In choosing the most suitable iron on patches you need to choose the right provider who can give you the kind of patch that you need.  Most providers have their own artist who can help you create the most suitable design for your organization or company.

When you commission a patch manufacturer, the usual practice is that you need to submit your own design and their in-house artist will enhance the drawing that you submitted. The manufacturer will then send you the finished proof for your design for your approval.  If all is well and good, then they will proceed with the production of your iron on patches according to your agreement.

Custom embroidered patches

The Design of the Patch

If you are going to use the patch for your organization or company, then you need to come up with the design that can best describe your company or organization.  The patch must be able to convey the things that your company or organization wants the people to know.

It is also challenging to come up with a patch that has an eye-catching design.  You need to make sure that your patch has an awesome design simply because no one pays attention to an ugly or average-looking patch.  To make the patches work well, you need to come up with an effective and gorgeous design.

It is also important to choose the right shape for your patch.  The colors should blend well and it should match or just the same with the color of your company or organization logo.  Choose colors that are pleasant to the eyes.  There are some people who quickly avert their eyes when they see colors that they find too striking.

Choosing a patch design that’s entirely different from your company or organization logo might create confusion.  Instead of associating the patch with your company or organization, people might regard it as something that belongs to a different entity.  If you want to promote your company, then make sure that people will be able to associate your with your company when they see the patches.

It is up to you whether to use simple or more intricate design for your patch.  The important thing is making the people take a liking to your patch, and driving them to go and check it out.

Why Iron On?

There are companies or organizations that choose direct embroidery, and there are those that choose embroidered patches that employees can sew onto their uniforms.

Direct embroidery has its share of disadvantages, and they outweigh the advantages.  The embroidered patch that must be sewn on the uniform is definitely better than direct embroidery.  The employee simply needs to attach the patch with some help from a thread and needle.

The embroidered patch can be transferred to the new uniform in case there’s a need to change the uniform.  It is also more economical to have embroidered patches because they are less expensive than direct embroidery.

But, the iron on patch is way better than the patch that needs to be sewn onto the clothing.  It is easier to attach and you don’t need to worry about a lumpy looking patch.  Sometimes, it takes patience and skill to properly sew a patch and make it stay on the same spot.

Some may say that sew on patch works for them, and there are others who prefer direct embroidery.  Iron on patches are more convenient and easier to apply than the others.  If you are a business owner, you will appreciate it more because most of your employees will surely prefer it due to convenience.  You will be glad that you have chosen the iron on patch.