Spreading advocacy and awareness made efficient and possible through Silicone bracelets

Nowadays, messages are sent through a click of a mouse or through the slightest touch on a smartphone. Spreading awareness and advocacy on a certain issue is usually done by forming a rally. However, today’s generation has found a new fashionable and effective mean to spread advocacy and awareness through Silicone bracelets.

Various organizations and foundations have sought the services of wristband bracelet’s maker to spread their message across people even across borders. The bracelets can be personalized depending on the client’s need. It may have phrases, inspirational quote or even a picture. As for the foundations and organizations with a vivid message to circulate, they have utilized the bracelet by putting words or phrases that will eventually educate people of their advocacy. Taking into account one usage of a wristband’s which has effectively propagated its message and was able to yield a massive amount of attention and donation throughout the globe.

Silicone bracelets are now being used in various contexts. It could be for a fund raising event, awareness and advocacy.

These bracelets are made up of silicone rubber. Although both rubbers and silicone rubbers are made up of polymers, there are certain factors that differentiate the silicone rubber from the natural rubber. Natural rubber is obtained through the process of collecting the latex of Hevea brasiliensis commonly known as the Rubber tree.

Silicon braceletsMeanwhile, silicone rubber is obtained through the process of combining silicon with its polymer chains instead of combining it with carbon just like a rubber. This would mean that the silicone rubber is a synthesized kind of rubber. Moving on with the structure of these two, silicone rubber is made up of atoms with alternating oxygen atoms while its counterpart, the natural rubber, is made up of 4-polyisoprene carbon-carbon bonds. Furthermore, silicone rubber can withstand heat much longer than the natural rubber, as it boasts a -80°F to 550°F heat resistance compare to rubber’s -60°F to 170°F heat resistance.

The mentioned properties of Silicone bracelets add value to its usage as a medium in spreading advocacies and awareness. The flexibility of the bracelets will make way for its longevity when worn under any circumstances. These properties will help the organization or an individual voice out their concerns efficiently and fashionably.

In connection to this, organizations or even individuals who want to avail the services of wristband’s maker are given the freedom to choose their design, words and phrases. There are also endless possibilities when it comes to choosing color combinations. There are two options on how the color is incorporated into the finished product. The first one is called color-coating, to simply put, it is done by the putting two contrasting colors on the bracelet. Meanwhile, the second option called color-filled means having three contrasting colors to the bracelet which will make the message really stand out. Furthermore, there are lots of styles to choose from

The Silicone bracelets indeed have evolved from being a simple accessory to a catalyst disseminating message. While other people may have simply wear it as an accessory to complement their clothing, other wear it with staunch to fight for the advocacy they are propagating. Taking into account the ordeals people in some places pains taking experience some organizations has found a new and effective way of voicing out through the help of the wristband. It has helped them gain more attention and finally voice out all the concerns that they have.

All in all, these Silicone bracelets are sure to have more usage – more than what meets the eye and for the next few years, its usage will be more challenging and engaging.

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