Tips For A More Effective Funeral Planning

For most of us, planning for our own burial is not a top priority.

While there are a lot of other things to plan ahead such as our pensions and retirement, funeral planning should not be ignored because it offers several benefits:

1. Reduces stress and conflicts in the family

2. Saves money

3. Gives time for creating a memorable and meaningful “last goodbye”

Here are some of the tips that will help us to consider an effective burial planning:

• Cheer up and don’t get bothered whenever we hear the word “death”.

All of us have no idea about how and when are we going to die. So, why worry about it? Instead, plan about our burial ahead when we still have plenty of time to enjoy good things and explore the world. Once we reached the end line, we already have no time to do the other things that we haven’t done yet. As the saying goes, “live life to the fullest”.

• Face the facts.

Comparing our today’s average life span from our grandparents and their parents back then, we have shorter lives than than them mainly because of the kind of foods we eat, the kind of air we breathe and the kind of lifestyle we live. Ignoring the idea of dying won’t prevent it from happening. Thus, it’s always essential to create trusts, wills and advance directives or plans before we die.

• Consider the costs.

A burial service is more expensive than cremation when we include all the other elements. Traditional burial services usually have the following inclusions: funeral director, cemetery plot, costs on the grave opening and closing, an epitaph, obituary placements, programs, set of flowers and reception.

• Choose the preferred disposal.

CremationNowadays, we can choose the way we should be disposed depending on four elements: earth, water air and fire. If we choose earth, we can be buried under the ground with a casket and memorial markers are placed on top of our graves. In terms of air disposal, we technically donate our bodies to science by making them disappear into thin air. This type of disposal offers zero cost. Through cremation, our bodies are disposed using fire which is more affordable than a traditional burial. Not to mention, this process offers several options for containers to store our ashes. Seas are perfect places if we prefer disposal through water. Typically, this is an eco-friendly way of reducing our bodies to their basic building blocks through alkaline hydrolysis – an alternative process that avoids carbon footprints emitted by crematory services.

• Going green?

Chipotle or green burial eliminates embalming and the use of vaults and metal caskets. In this process, our bodies are allowed to return naturally to the earth by wrapping them in linen or cotton garments and bury directly under the ground.

• Party planning.

Funeral servicesWho would want a party after attending a funeral service? While this may sound awkward to many, there are some people who want to remember us in a different way – especially the ones who know and love us very much. Try to make it more memorable by allowing them to plan a parties that contain themes we love the most. For instance, if we’re into classical music, they can organize parties that will commemorate our love for that kind of music which include playing pianos, violins and albums of our favourite singers and tracks.

• Collecting contacts.

Doing this can help our families and friends informed about what happened. Our list of contacts should contain the following information: their full names, phone and mobile numbers, email addresses and home addresses.

• Gather funds.

funeralIt’s not easy to plan these things ahead that’s why, it’s essential to have an emergency savings in the bank that we or our families can use. If we don’t have one yet, then this is the right time to start!

• Don’t be afraid to plan it today.

Talking and planning about our funeral today doesn’t mean we’re going to die tomorrow. We’re just getting ready when that happens that’s why, it’s essential to visit to know more about the products and services we can offer.